Installation Process

  1. Requirement Check
  2. Database Configuration
  3. Basic Configuration
  4. Installation Complete

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Installation of Premium Poll Script

1.0 Requirement Check

These are some of the important requirements of this software. "Red" means it is vital to this script, "Orange" means it is required but not vital and "Green" means it is good. If one of the checks is "Red", you will not be able to install this script because without that module/extension, the script will not work.

PHP Version (need at least version 5.3) You have 5.3.29

It is very important to have at least PHP Version 5.3.

PDO Driver must be enabled Disabled

PDO driver is very important thus it must enabled. Without this, the script will not connect to the database hence it will not work at all. If this check fails, you will need to contact your web host and ask them to either enable it or configure it properly.

"Config-sample.php" must be accessible. Accessible

This installation will open that file to put values in so it must be accessible. Make sure that file is there in the includes folder and is writable.